Our Mission

A united effort to promote education and community action for those living with the legacy of radioactive and toxic waste.

Our Goals

  1. Removal of RIM from West Lake Landfill and surrounding properties, to a licensed, safe and permanent storage facility.
  2. Voluntary buy out for all residents 1 mile from the landfill.
  3. Homeowner's Property Assurance policy for residents 5 miles from the landfill
  4. Work to reinstate the federal "Polluter's Tax" to ensure adequate funds are available for all Superfund sites
  5. Take a watchdog approach with Federal, State, and Local agencies mandated with oversight of the affected sites.

STL Toxic Aware Members
Members of STL Toxic Aware Along with STL Rad Waste Action Group and ANA Attend "The Atoms Next Door" Symposium in Wildwood, Missouri on February 20, 2016.