☢️ Emergency Planning ☢️

::Are You Prepared?::
Do you know what to do if there were a cloud of radioactive material released?

Here are some guidelines and tips to keep you and your loved ones safe. 
Plan Ahead!

Have a family meeting to discuss what to do and where to go if an emergency situation should arise.
Have your supplies in an easy to get to spot. 
Be prepared to A:Evacuate B: Shelter In Place.
Evacuation:  What You Will Need 
What's commonly referred to as a "bug out bag" or a "get out bag".
A back pack,or a carry on suitcase,something small and easy to grab and go with.

Contents should be:

  • Important papers,deeds,identification,vital medical information.
  • Medications,keys to your property,a change of clothing,baby needs,pet food,cash,credit cards/debit cards. 
  • A preset meeting spot.
There are no knights in shining armor,Superman is not coming , we must be prepared to save ourselves.

Sheltering In Place (if it is deemed not safe to evacuate, we must shelter in place)
What you will need:

  • Plastic sheeting
  • Duct tape
  • Water, one gallon per person per day.
  • Hygiene items: hand sanitizer,toilet tissue,baby wipes,oral care items,baby needs,pet needs,medication/s, canned goods i.e. Soups ,juices ,pasta , etc,plastic bags and ties,surgical masks or respirators,a large plastic container large enough to hold all your supplies with lid,clean clothing,footwear,comfort items such as board games,playing cards for kids and adults. Emergency radio with extra batteries. Cell phones,chargers,emergency lighting.

What to do:

  • Before preparing your safe room mark your door or window with the number of people sheltering in place. If you need to be escorted away from the area they will know how many people need assistance.
  • Remove clothing and shoes before preparing your safe room and place them in a plastic bag and seal the bag.Put on clean clothes and shoes. Notify your contact person outside of the effected area and tell them what is going on.
  • Seal all windows,vents,doors,areas around pipes with plastic sheeting and seal with duct tape. Recheck all doors,windows and vents to make sure they are tightly sealed. Listen for announcements over the emergency radio and remain calm.
With knowledge comes power to save ourselves.

Shelter In Place/Evacuation Plan
for West Lake Landfill

In October 2014, St. Louis County issued an Emergency Operations plan to either Shelter in Place or Evacuate in the event of a nuclear fire at the West Lake Landfill.