Testimonies about West Lake Landfill

Former Resident
"I am a past resident and the Mother of a daughter with children of her own who still live near the Landfill. As a past resident I wonder if my breast cancer and my thyroid problems weren't caused by my exposure to the radioactive contaminates that have escaped the Landfill. And I wonder what I have done to my children, grand children and great grandchildren. Not a day goes by that I do not think of the consequences that may still be looming in my families future. Add to this the stress and guilt I have because we sold our home by the Landfill to my youngest daughter and my two beautiful twin grandchildren. They suffer from ADD and ADHD among other things. I find myself thinking that these issues could very well be caused by the Landfill.

It should have been mandatory that Republic Services warn people and businesses within a ten mile radius of the Landfill about the nuclear waste buried there. I would never have built my home there or sold it to my daughter. Others would never have bought homes there. And still these homes are being sold and new homes built without any disclosures."


Works by West Lake Landfill

"It's 1:18am and several of my co-workers are getting ill at my job from breathing in all these toxic fumes!! The smell is ESPECIALLY STRONG tonight! Not sure what's going on, but we've got folks getting sick to their stomach and my throat and head are KILLING ME!! Something's got to give!!" 05-19-2016


Former Maryland Heights Resident

"This week is my last week living in Maryland Heights. After a very long mental struggle, I decided to uproot my family from the place we have called home for 28 years. I'm a Pattonville alumni and my son is in 4th grade in Pattonville. It's painful to leave but this decision was solely based on the fact that I do not want to raise my family near this landfill. Too many times I've been woken up in the middle of the night by that horrible smell. I hope Republic Services  and Governor Jay Nixon are happy knowing they're running out long time residents of this city. I can only imagine the revenue effects this will have on the area should other residents and companies follow suit. What a shame, this used to be a great area to raise a family. I will continue spreading awareness from my new home.05-16-2016

UPDATE:  "I moved this weekend and I've been able to walk out of my house and breathe without smelling that horrible smell. My kids were allowed to play in their backyard. Get out if you can! The more of us that flee, the more attention we will draw. Knowing my kids can breathe outside was worth every bit of stress to get them out and away from that death trap landfill." 05-23-2016


This page is dedicated to residents and workers surrounding the Bridgeton/West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton Missouri. 

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Former Bridgeton Resident
"Well now we have a friend with esophagus cancer and is going to be on hospice almost everyone I know is died or dying or has nodules cancer of some sort at TERRISAN RESTE MOBILE HOME PARK THIS IS ENOUGH." 03-07-2016   UPDATE:  Lisa's friend passed away.

Katy Robinson, sister of Elizabeth Grillo
Elizabeth Grillo


Former Bridgeton Resident

"My beautiful 37 yr old sister (Elizabeth Grillo) that we buried on 4/20 from colon/appendix cancer. We grew up in Carrollton subdivision in Bridgeton. We attended Hazelwood West (High School)."  05-10-2016


Bridgeton Resident
"Can anyone tell me how we are to be notified when this does happen. It's no longer an IF, it's a when and a lot sooner then we know. For that matter it may be happening right now. We cannot see it,we cannot hear it, it's all guess work. I am so tired of patronizing pats on the head and lies and more lies. We are SICK and DYING here!!! Why do our "moms" have to police this evil place? It's time for our elected officials to do their jobs!  Trust me, I can certainly speak with my vote."